Monday, May 2, 2016

Coach Skinny Wallet

skinny-walletHaving a skinny wallet is the good solution for people who don’t like to have a lot of stuff in a wallet. It is very suitable for traveling because it has a light weight that doesn’t bulge your pocket and heavy to carry. Skinny wallet is like money clip wallet or credit card wallet, which is smaller and thinner in size and thickness which can look flat in your pocket.

In this latest fashion style, many people want to look slim and skinny on their look. Skinny wallet can be the perfect accessory for them while it still holds the important items in there. They love to wear designer jeans which have very tight pockets and skinny style, so the skinny or thin wallet can only be kept in there.
Coach also created thin and skinny wallets for men and women in the different collection. You can find coach skinny wallet from Poppy collection, Madison collection, Penelope Collection and more. However I like coach skinny wallet from Madison Collection. The reason why is because this collection is more classy for me with very simple coach signature design around and based in black and white color which are my favorite color option.
Coach skinny wallet from Poppy Collection is also great for people who love glamour style with colorful accessories. This wallet is made of signature fabric with multicolor combination and Poppy Logo on it. This wallet collection is perfect option for girls to have on the summer time.
Both collections of coach wallets have very good durability where the quality has been taken care of by Coach Manufacturer. They all made of the high quality materials with fully details in style and design.

You may think those skinny wallets are very expensive like other type of wallets that you need to spend for hundred dollars or more, but they are not really that much. Actually, you can get for $38 on a Coach Madison Mini Skinny Wallet or other skinny wallets from Madison Collection and $42 on a Coach Poppy Floral Graffiti Mini Skinny Wallet or other skinny wallets from Poppy Collection. Those prices are the retail price you may see at the Coach Outlets, you can get good offer in some online shopping outlets for comparison. You will find a little bit cheaper, so you can save some money on that.

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