Matching the Perfume Scent

Personal preference – Consider personal preferences in the search for the right perfume. For those that prefer a smell associated with flowers, a floral based perfume like jasmine, roses, or gardenia is certain to appeal. Some of the heavy-scented fragrances can be quite off-putting; especially those can leave you with a headache. A more fresh and light smell comes from the fruity tones. These fresh perfumes include notes related to watermelon, berries, apple, mint and citrus. Also, a spicy scent is certain to appeal to those searching a calming effort.

Skin type – Skin type can have a significant impact on the fragrant quality and smell of the perfume. It helps to test the various perfumes to see which one can offer the desired scent and longevity. A skin type that is quite oily can hold the fragrance a lot longer than the relatively dry skin. But it is possible to prolong the effects of perfume on dry skin. This is achieved by applying a base layer like a matching lotion or similar non-scented moisturizer. Apply the perfume to the dry lotion and it should last longer.

Body acidity – The level of body acidity throughout the body can vary. This can influence the way the body reacts to perfume. The body has a higher level of well-being and health when the pH range is kept within the region of 7.35 to 7.45. Many home test kits are available to check the body acidity. One of the effective ways to maintain the body’s pH levels is through a well-planned diet.

Also, certain foods like garlic and onion can impact the body chemistry and can change the smell of the fragrance. Strong smells like garlic can escape through the skins pores. This can smell quite unpleasant when mixed with perfume.

Roll Up Sleeves On A Dress Shirt

Normal Fold

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to fold your sleeves. Plus it ensures that there are no wrinkles on the sleeves, when unfolded. The steps involved are as follows:

  • First and foremost, undo the cuffs of your shirt.
  • Thereafter, fold the sleeves once so that the front part of the cuff is facing inwards and the other side outwards.
  • Repeat the above step once more.
  • After folding it for a second time, just tuck in the corners of the cuff so that they don’t protrude.

And there you have it, a simple and tidy sleeve roll. This type of fold is perfect for someone in a hurry.

Master Fold up

This type of folding technique will result in a smarter and classier look compared to the previous one. Here’s how to properly make one:

  • Just like in the previous method, unfasten the shirt’s cuffs.
  • Then turn it inside out.
  • Now pull the flipped cuff straight up till it reaches your elbow. This will also cause the sleeve to turn inside out.
  • Subsequently, fold the sleeves from starting from down to middle-way up, so that it forms a band-type shape under the cuff.
  • After that fold the turned sleeves slightly more so that it holds the cuff firmly.

This is a bit tricky and will take some attempts to perfect. So if you have some time, you’re better off trying this one!

Over-the-Elbow Roll

This type of fold is basically for the people involved in a lot of physical work such as an engineers and mechanics. It allows them to move and flex their arms freely, without any constraints. The steps to making one are given below:

  • Follow the first step of the above techniques.
  • Then bring the cuff inside out.
  • After doing that, measure the cuff and roll it once again.
  • Now you’ll fold it multiple times until it doesn’t reach above elbow level. And once it does, stop it!

Well this surely isn’t the neatest of folds around, but serves the purpose exceedingly well. Plus it’s pretty easy to do so.

Fur Coats

Young ladies who are wearing vintage clothing today go for either the old Hollywood style or 80s inspired fashion. They’re bringing the neon styles from that decade into the modern day by wearing funky fur coats such as those dyed in bright colors. The ones that are being worn by the younger crowd are exotic sometimes, coming from Mongolian lamb or other more knotted, less traditional animals. Leather has never gone out of style with them, but they’re updating the trend by using leather trim on wools or knits and animal trim on leather jackets. The main goal seems to be to stick to traditional fashion by using timeless fabrics as a base but give them a modern look with new trim. Vintage fur coats are an excellent choice for ladies who may not be ready to purchase a full-length pelt but can afford this less expensive option and still get the quality they desire.

Whether purchasing vintage or new, outerwear should be looked upon as an investment. With so many options for fabrics and styles, it’s difficult to decide on a timeless piece that will suit the fashion trends as they come and go. The best way to choose a coat or jacket to last for years is to consider something that is stylish but can be changed in the future to incorporate elements that are in fashion at that time. For instance, if you choose a full-length wool coat, the collar can be taken off and updated with velvet, fur, or another color to make the coat look like new. Or if leather is your preference, you should go for something with less trim or buckles and add these later as they come back in style. It’s also important to protect your investment by storing your fur coats at a dealer or certified storage location.

No matter what the trends, women look forward to cold weather to sport their fashionable coats. Of all the pieces of their outfits, outerwear is a must for form as well as function. Staying warm and looking great can come together while following trends and keeping with tradition.