Get A Custom Made Shirt

Find an experienced designer

A reputable tailor is recommended highly. To find one, a proper search is a good idea – ask your friends and colleagues. Visit a few of the recommendations and ask to see some of the works they have done. A good designer will in fact help you find a design and color that caters for your sense of style, including your physique, comfort, proportions and bone structure.

Choose a fabric

The quality of the fabric should take into consideration the thread count. Ideally, cotton has 140 threads per inch, while other high end fabrics recommended for shirts have 200 threads. The finer dress shirts are often made from 2 ply fabric, which make the clothing stronger, softer and resistant to wrinkles.

Determine the occasion

Before buying a custom made garment, it is important to decide where you need to wear it. If you are interested in a shirt to wear for a formal occasion, it should be tailored in luxurious fabric and in neutral color. A shirt that needs to be worn to a business meeting should be one that offers a good impression about you. A shirt to wear to a bar or restaurant in the evening should have a trendier pattern, in addition to having a slimmer fit.

Get measured

A good tailor will be able to get the measurements of various parts of your body, including your collar, half shoulder, shoulders, chest, sleeves, hip, waist and length. The right measurements go a long way in ensuring the shirt fits right.


Paying attention to the details is paramount. The evidence of good craftsmanship can be determined by the quality of the fabric, the cut, stitching and buttons. Pearl buttons and plastic buttons are common in suits. The stitching on custom-made shirts is often hand sewn, making them more durable.

Look for in Plus Size Bras

There are certainly a wide variety of bras available such as under-wire, no-wire, with padding and without padding. Fuller figured women tend to look for a full coverage bra without an under-wire or any necessary padding. Women with larger breasts can attempt to use bras with an under-wire, but they often cut into the skin under the arms. A more likely choice would be a molded bra. The molded bra might look as though it would add even greater volume to full figured breasts, but it actually fits quite nicely without additional volume and proper support.

All women have issues with finding bras that fit correctly. However, the correct size is an absolute essential for fuller figured women that can otherwise hurt certain areas surrounding the breasts. Fuller figured women should find a bra that fits correctly to lift the breasts that create more of an hourglass shape that will enhance the remaining curves of the body. The best way to find the best fitting bra for a fuller figure is to have it done by a specialist with experience in bra sizing. A professional will take measurements including the rib area below a bra that is currently being worn. This is known as a band measurement or under-bust taken with a measuring tape just below the bottom of the bra. The next measurement is the cup size, measured by wrapping a tape measure around the breasts while a bra is worn. The tape should be firm to the bra and level at the fullest point of the breast area. Both the band measurement and cup size can be done by yourself or a professional.

Plus size women no longer have to settle for the basics once the correct bra size is identified. Major lingerie manufacturers recognize that fuller figured women are looking for a variety of sexy and attractive bras that any sized women would like. Retailers are catching on quickly that the bra market for fuller sized women is becoming much more demanding. Women are expecting to see a fair share of full-figured bras that were once missing or minimal at best in well-known department stores. Full figured women that are able to find perfect plus size bras are gaining confidence while becoming more outspoken to find exactly what they have in mind in terms of color and style.

There are an even greater amount of online retailers for fuller figured women looking for the perfect bra with an even better selection of styles, designs, and colors than some department stores. More than anything, fuller figured women should take the time necessary to find what feels comfortable and look in a mirror to gain confidence with their well-fitting selection of bras. There is a proper fitting bra for every occasion that will only enhance the curves of any curvy, confident woman.

Buy Designer Handbags at Discounted Prices

Be aware of the general sale period in the market

By being aware of the sale periods, we don’t just mean you should know when the sale is on. You need to be ready for the sale to make the most of it. Start saving early on before the sale arrives so that during the sale you can buy the best of the lot at the lowest of the prices. Not planning your expenditures during the sales months is a sure shot way of losing out on discounted designer handbags.

Buy handbags online

Usually, a seller incurs lesser costs on sales by selling a product online than by selling it in a retail store. Therefore, it is quite likely that you might find the same handbag which was priced at a certain amount, at a much lower amount online. This however, comes with the risk of buying a fake handbag. When buying on-line, knock-off products are an issue. You should always be careful about fraud. Always insist the seller provides a money back guarantee that the bag is new and the quality and authenticity is from the brand name designer house advertised.

Use credit/debit cards allowing for cash back offers

A lot of credit and debit cards allow for cash back offers on expenditures made above a certain level. You can use these to avail a discounted price on your handbag (although this is not technically a discount per se).

Be aware of the specific sale period

While the general sale period is different, many brands have specific sale periods going on from time to time to clear the stock. If you are on your toes, it is highly likely that you will end up finding some really good designer fashion handbags at low prices. Make sure that you regularly visit the nearby shop to ask for discounts or when there will be discounts again. It’s quite simple. At the end of every season, you will notice a sale going on and you need to capitalize on that. If you find an ongoing sale of handbags happening in a nearby shopping mall, do not shy away from buying a handbag that you love. Browse through the collections on display and choose one that suits your needs and requirements.