Recent Experience Interviewing for a Foriegn Job in Documentation

Recently, I recieved a LinkedIn Chat message out of the blue from a company in a foriegn country. The company needed my assistance in designing and implementing a documentation and knowledge database. They were looking for an American leader to put together tools and resources for agents in far flung lands who could easily and accurately address customer concerns.

After a few back-and-forth chats and exchanges they asked for my phone number. Alsmot right away my phone range and on the other end was a company secretary in singapore. The woman was very polite but hard to understand as her English was very broken. She explained that her boss would be the one conducting a phone interview and if it went weell she would help me make travel arrangements to come and interview in person.

The phone interview went really well but to be honest I was still not even sure I was in the job market.

Eventually Ling came on the phone and explained that the company was going to be outsourcing customer service aspects of the company to the United States and that they needed an American Documentation specialist to document their product in such a way that call center agents in the USA would be able to adequately help their customers. The job would require a great deal of travel at first but would eventually be mostly based out of the home with a little time spent at the factory in singapore.

I agreed to do an in person interview with his boss. The secretary came back on the line and made the necessary arrangements. The next day I started the process of getting a passport and My plane ticket arrive by courrier later that same morning. I was on my way to what might turn out to be the greatest adventure of my life.