Benefits Of Custom Wristbands

The wristbands are a sophisticated and cheap medium for promotion. They come in a range of types that include embossed wristbands, ink-filled wristbands, screen-printed wristbands, and debossed wristbands.

A new type known as ‘slap wrap wristbands’ is also getting popular these days. This offers the buyers ample choice in choosing the finest wristband for themselves. Being made from eco-friendly materials, the bands are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Many people wear designer wristbands as a fashion accessory and to craft their own style statement. A number of non-profit companies and organisations use silicone wristbands as a medium of product promotion.

Customizing wristbands for events is quite simple and comes with a range of options. One can select from an array of standard fonts or can even hire a designer to design a graphic that is appealing and unique. These days a large number of wristband manufacturing companies are available on the internet. The companies aim to provide their customers with quality wristbands at affordable prices. A latest custom feature of wristbands is QR (Quick Response) code which allows the users to boost their brand by connecting with the audience on Smartphone. Custom wristbands are widely used as a medium for breast cancer awareness. Various organisations use bracelets and wristbands as freebies or as giveaways for grand events.

Wristbands can also be given as a token of love and care to near and dear ones. Family members support silicone wristbands to express their love for each other. Team members of a sport too wear these bands to portray unity, coordination and understanding. A smart customization of a wristband can prove to be a significant tool for promotions and brand advertising. The wristbands are available in different sizes and can be worn by all age groups. Their non-allergic and fine material makes them durable and strong for everyday wear. Custom wristbands are a fast, easy and proven method to attract customers towards your business and raise money for a cause.

Great Deals in Clothing Stores

  • Clearance Sales
    Most clothing stores offer clearance sales during different seasons so they can move out inventory and have space for new styles. During this time you could easily see discounts of 50 percent and often quite a bit more. Be aware that just because you see a “clearance sale” sign, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to wait eight months to a year before you can wear certain items. There are many retailers who won’t wait for the traditional changing of the seasons to offer great deals. For instance, you may see summer clearance items when it’s still actually summer, while you may find a jacket during a December clearance that you’ll be able to wear for at least two or three more months. However, with all of the upsides that clearances offer, they do have a downside as well – namely a limited selection. You may not find that dress you love in your size, for example. You may still have the option, however, of going to the retailer’s website to see if they have inventory that will fit. There are a lot of other items that you may not find in the retail location that you’ll see on the website.
  • Coupons
    A lot of clothing stores also offer coupons that can lead to significant savings. In many instances, you can save a lot of money down the road if you buy now. For instance, if you spend $75 today, you could get a coupon good for $30 off a future purchase. You’d basically spend $75 for $105 worth of items. Also, many retailers will offer Internet-only deals to get you to visit their websites. Try getting on mailing lists for even deeper discounts. Whether you get on a traditional mailing list, an e-mail list, or both, you will be able to find deals that aren’t offered to the general public. Another way to save is to look at the bottom of your receipt next time you buy something. There may be an offer to take a telephone or online survey that could shave 15 percent or even more off your next purchase.

These are just some of the ways you can find great deals in clothing stores. We didn’t even touch on credit card promotions where you can build up points for even greater discounts. The bottom line is that if you shop wisely, you can save more money than you ever imagined was possible.

Fur Coats

Young ladies who are wearing vintage clothing today go for either the old Hollywood style or 80s inspired fashion. They’re bringing the neon styles from that decade into the modern day by wearing funky fur coats such as those dyed in bright colors. The ones that are being worn by the younger crowd are exotic sometimes, coming from Mongolian lamb or other more knotted, less traditional animals. Leather has never gone out of style with them, but they’re updating the trend by using leather trim on wools or knits and animal trim on leather jackets. The main goal seems to be to stick to traditional fashion by using timeless fabrics as a base but give them a modern look with new trim. Vintage fur coats are an excellent choice for ladies who may not be ready to purchase a full-length pelt but can afford this less expensive option and still get the quality they desire.

Whether purchasing vintage or new, outerwear should be looked upon as an investment. With so many options for fabrics and styles, it’s difficult to decide on a timeless piece that will suit the fashion trends as they come and go. The best way to choose a coat or jacket to last for years is to consider something that is stylish but can be changed in the future to incorporate elements that are in fashion at that time. For instance, if you choose a full-length wool coat, the collar can be taken off and updated with velvet, fur, or another color to make the coat look like new. Or if leather is your preference, you should go for something with less trim or buckles and add these later as they come back in style. It’s also important to protect your investment by storing your fur coats at a dealer or certified storage location.

No matter what the trends, women look forward to cold weather to sport their fashionable coats. Of all the pieces of their outfits, outerwear is a must for form as well as function. Staying warm and looking great can come together while following trends and keeping with tradition.

Vintage Prom Dresses


Outfits in this era are rather simple. Due to the war that existed at this time, there was no money for buying materials; therefore, most of the outfits were tight fitting. They were also sleeveless or with short sleeves.

Although, most of the dresses in this era are tight, you can also find “swing dresses” which were designed for dancing. While some of the units were simple without any embellishments, there were others that had beads or laces. All you need to do is to shop in the right place and you will find the right dress.


Unlike the 1940s units, these units are more ornamental. They also have bigger skirts and a lot of tulle showing from almost everywhere. An ideal vintage unit has a pink ballerina-inspired number with a knee-length or slightly longer tulle skirt. It also has a body-hugging bodice.


Initially, outfits in this era were the same as those of the 1950 era; however, by the end of the decade, units with floral patterns, bold designs, colors, and sequins were made. More designs made it possible for people to find all types of dresses from girly girls to hippie chicks.


Dresses in this era were greatly influenced by disco. Due to this they were sexier and sleeker than their predecessors. They were usually made from velvet or lace. There were also others that were made from velour which is a super-fabric.

Sequins were very popular during this time. Pastel colors were also very common.


They were characterized by more fabric that was floating around. The most common dresses during this time were sequins and ruffles. There were also other outfits with big shoulders and embellishments. Fabrics used during this time were bright or dark colored.