Create A Fashion Statement

Most women think that you have to spend tons of money to get that put together look that so many of us want. The look that makes us feel and look great, but most of us don’t want to spend our last dollar doing so.

Nowadays, you do not have to spend a great deal of money to look and feel like a million bucks. There are many bargains every where you look.

Let’s start at the top and that is with your hair. Your hair will probably be the first thing that most people notice first. A great haircut is a must, make sure that you have an up to date professional haircut. And if you use hair color, make sure that it is professionally done.

A great way to save on this is to have your stylist to text you or call you if she has a no-show. Tell him/her you would be willing to come in to fill that slot for a discount. In that way you both win.

This can also be done for a manicure and pedicure as well. Another beauty budget saver is going to a beauty college to get your hair done at a discount.

This is one of those little secrets that most ladies know very little about. I know, I went to cosmetology school some years ago, but not only was I a student but I got my hair done at a major discount every week.

Next, let’s deal with makeup. Makeup can be very expensive if you try to use only the top designer brands. But those pricey designer brands are not always good for your skin or complexion.

Stay away from all of those pricey perfume facial cleanser and stick will a reasonably priced natural cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. They work just as well and wont irritate your skin.

Most of the natural cleansers and moisturizer can be found at your local retail or drug stores. They work just as well and will save you quite a few pennies. Many of them even sell a lot of the top name brands as well.

I love the makeup that I purchase from the drug stores. It works just as well, and I didn’t have to pay half the price as the costly name brand products that I’ve purchased in the expensive department stores that didn’t work as well.

Why buy pricey mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and foundation when you can save hundreds of dollars by buying them at a cheaper price. Trust me when I say that there really are many worthwhile bargains that are exceptional in quality.

You can also check many online websites for the greatest drugstore finds by companies and customers who have tested the products and have given their personal reviews. The reviews are awesome and they will give you other ideas for finding bargains.

They usually have great reviews on finding amazing lipsticks, lip liners and lip gloss at your local dollar store.

No one will ever know where you bought it, trust me I have done it and gotten many compliments. Plus they have some amazing colors! I even heard legendary singer Diana Ross say she purchased her lipsticks at the drug store. Need I say more?

When buying the latest fashions, it is not important to follow fads and the latest trends. Because fads and trends are just that, fads and trends.

These types of clothing are produced in large quantities and everybody that you know and don’t know are buying them and wearing identical outfits. We see celebrities wearing the same outfits all the time.

Trendy clothes usually go out of style quickly. The styles do not last long and then you are stuck with having paid lots of money for something that now looks crazy and old fashion.

Besides every one of your friends and acquaintances have purchased it too. I honestly can’t stand fashion trends. But most women like well designed tailored clothing but really would prefer not to go broke buying it.

The best solution is to buy well tailored designer clothes in the off seasons when they are usually on sale. They have many designer outlet stores around the country just for this purpose. And in this economy that will be one of the smartest things that you can do. Check in your local city to find the closest designer outlet near you.

Stick to classic and stylish pieces of clothing. The type that never goes out of style no matter what the latest trends are. You can mix and match pieces from different designers and create your own fashion statement.

Purchasing your winter boots, sandals, and dress shoes during the off seasons is the way to go as well. During the end of the specific seasons most items are on sell for 75% off, now this is the time to buy. You can get all of your favorite shoes at a fraction of the cost.

Also do not be afraid to shop at thrift stores and consignment shops. I have found some of my greatest pieces that way. I love scouring through all of those racks of clothes looking for a great find.

I recently bought a summer dress for $5 at our local goodwill, and I wont tell you how many times I have gotten compliments every time I wear it. A close friend even wanted it when I wore it on a recent summer vacation.

I have quite a few items that I have purchased like this that get great compliments. I do look for quality items that have longevity and style.

So as you can see it is not the price of what you pay for an item. My motto is, it’s what you don’t pay! Make a fashion statement at a bargain price and feel great!

Socks for Men Express Personality

Why are cool socks for men such a great way to express one’s personality under even the strictest of dress codes? Because only the wearer knows that they are jazzing up his feet. Indeed, no one else need catch a glimpse of a man’s socks, unless he wants them to. As a result, they help men meet the dress code in a workplace without smothering his artistic side.

Socks are such a creative wardrobe outlet, in fact, that the Wall Street Journal recently devoted an entire article to them. Titled “Sock Rally: Ankles Show Off Their Zany Side,” the article contended that “Creative socks have become a growth industry, with new brands trying to top each other with bolder designs.”

Of course, the high-end socks will incorporate fun and colorful argyle designs, funky jacquard prints, tricolor blends and horizontal fancies. They will also, however, give men sophisticated fabric options that are appropriate for even the most formal settings.

Suit wearers, fear not! Cool socks aren’t just for cotton and cotton poly blends, so there’s no need to worry that one is overstepping dress boundaries. In fact, socks come in many of the finest fabrications available on the market. When they visit a high-quality sock store, men will find socks made of cashmere, silk, wool, luxury silk and even alpaca.

What is even better about cool socks is that they allow men to go from the buttoned up office to a loosened up night on the town with ease. No need to carry around an extra pair of socks when one needs to be somewhere fun right after office hours.

As the newspaper points out, “There was a time when funny (and cool) didn’t sell socks.” Those days, however, are long gone. These days, cool socks for men “are emerging as tiny knitted transmitters of individual taste.”

And perhaps the best part of all of this is that there is a pair of socks to fit every personality type imaginable. Math geek? Try a diamond patterned pair of socks. Got a preppy streak? Then a fun pair of argyle socks fills the bill. No need to be so straight-laced about the matter either. Simply choose an argyle color print in a color scheme that’s got some real pizzazz, like navy, lilac and purple.

Nina Purses

Women’s purses are a lot like men’s watches. The more expensive they are and the flashier they look, the better you are portraying yourself to complete strangers whose opinions should not matter in the slightest. It is funny how women think so heavily on what other people think of them. There are some women who just like to look good. Looking good is not just rolling out of bed and throwing on the first few articles of clothing in your closet. Planning an outfit takes careful preparation and attention to detail.

A great collection of Nina handbags that will not break the bank are Nina purses. This company has been around for many years and has enjoyed quite a bit of success bringing handbags, purses and shoes to the women who want to look great for an affordable price. You can get a great idea of what they have to offer on their website that contains many online purses for purchase.

Nina purses are certainly some of the most elegant purses out there and are significantly less expensive that some of the other designers. Some ladies refuse to spend a few hundred dollars on a purse. It does seem a little ridiculous to pay that kind of money for an accessory! It is not a diamond or anything! Nina purses are both stunning and affordable. This will free up a lot of your money so you can buy other accessories to make your outfit look even better.

Whatever brand you settle on, it certainly will be noticed by other women so make sure you keep that in mind. Nothing is wrong with having a best purse at an affordable price. If you can find one on sale that is even better! The next time you are shopping online, make sure you entertain all possibilities before pulling the trigger on a purse you do not love just because of the brand name it boasts.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

There are many different choices of colours and styles that people will choose. Sometimes, colour will have a big impact on how heavy somebody looks. It is very important to make sure that people look great and are comfortable.

When people are picking out dresses, most of them will look at the colours so that they can match them with the wedding colours that the bride and groom have chosen. This is something that will mean a lot to them. It is not always something that is going to be as important as everything else though.

A bride will have a lot of friends that may stand up with her. She has a lot of different options for the type of dress. It is important to choose something that is neutral so that everyone will look great in it.

Plus sized clothing is not always easy to find in the first place, but when they add the fact that they need a bridesmaid dress in a plus size, it can make it even more difficult. Not all bridal stores will carry these. People are able to order them online in the sizes that they need and have custom sizes made as well.

It does not matter if it is a darker colour or a lighter colour. There are a lot of different patterns that could be chosen too. Many weddings will use dresses that are only one colour though.

It can be frustrating when everyone in the wedding party finds exactly what they need, but one person. They will look high and low for that perfect dress in the right colours and sizes, but it is not an easy task for anyone. This is what is nice about being able to order them online in custom sizes.

Some people want to have a long, straight dress. Other people want to have a dress that is going to have some ruffles or a short dress. It depends on what the person wearing it will be the most comfortable in.

Some wedding parties will agree to wear whatever the bride wants them to wear even if they are uncomfortable. It is important to give suggestions to the bride though. Sometimes, she will hear them but not all of the time.

There are many different types of dresses that people will wear. Many people want to know that they have different styles available to them. They may wish to have something a little flirty or something that is long and straight.

The top of them are going to be very important too. They may choose to have strapless dresses or ones with a thin strap. This is very important because not everyone is able to wear the strapless dresses as easily because of many factors.

Whatever style is chosen, people may still need to have different sizes made up. Custom sizes can be ordered from specific stores. It is not always easy to find custom sizes in all of the different styles of dresses though.

Most people are going to check into this before they choose to purchase any of the dresses. If any alterations were done to the plus size bridesmaid dresses, they will not be able to be returned. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the wedding party has exactly what they need.

Wear With A Maxi Skirt

For a polished look

Where you wear your maxi skirt can make a lot of difference. Skirts that are slung low look unkempt and boho, so opt for skirts that sit high up on your waist.

The pleated look

Looking for something that is in this season? Choose a pleated maxi skirt then. Nothing spells feminine better than a pleated skirt that falls wells. You can wear with just about anything, like a basic shirt or a tee and there you are looking stylish and quite effortlessly at that!

The choice in fabrics

There are a lot of fabrics, prints and colours you can choose from when it comes such skirts. We would however recommend that you go with the opaque solid colored ones. That way you can team up your skirt with a variety of tops and achieve a different look each time.

With a cropped blazer

Are you off to work and want to look a bit different than you usually do? Well then, team this skirt with a blazer. Just make sure it is a well-tailored one and cropped in length so that you can maintain a balance in your look. Team it up with a good day bag and you are good to go!

A breezy collared shirt

You can team up your maxi skirt with your favorite collared shirt too. A cool linen brightly collared shirt will go simply great with your skirt. Want to sport a careful careless look in the summer months? Try rolling up the sleeves to your elbows then.

Stylish evening wear

Looking for a spin on evening wear? Try teaming up your solid colored maxi skirt (preferably black or navy blue) with a tank top and a cool belt. Accessorize with stylish and chunky cocktail jewelry and you are ready to rock the evening out with friends Here is a tip to buy such skirts in the first place. Buy the slim fit column like ones instead of the full volume layered ones for more options to change your look according to the occasion.

Types of Base Notes in Perfume

  • Amber – Amber is a very popular option as a base note since it offers excellent fixative properties. Amber offers a woody and warm scent that is liked by many people. It is naturally extracted from the resin of the fir-tree.
  • Sandalwood – The sandalwood compound is an expensive fragrant ingredient and listed in many high-end perfumes. It is naturally sourced from the sandalwood tree, which grows in India and Australia. There are many perfumes that are based entirely on the sandalwood fragrance.
  • Tonka bean – This perfume compound is sourced from the South American tonka tree and smells much like marzipan and caramel to give an oriental flavor. Because of its rich and sweet scent, the tonka bean ingredient is a common choice in fragrances aimed at the younger market.
  • Musk – Similar to the tonka bean and amber, musk is one of most favored ingredients to use as a base note in perfumes. It was originally sourced from the Himalayan musk deer, but the modern version is synthetically produced in the laboratory. Musk can vary in strength and range from mild to quite strong.
  • Ambergris – Ambergris was originally sourced from sperm whales. But this is no long an acceptable practice and a synthetic version is created in the laboratory to mimic this warm and pleasant fragrance.
  • Opoponax – Opoponax (also called sweet myrrh) is a perfume ingredient that has a rich honey-like aroma. This compound has long-standing history in perfumes and incense and has been in use since Biblical times.

Types of Essential Oils in Perfume


Lavender is appreciated for its ability to offer a calming and restful chemical. Any fragrance product that claims to promote relaxation is certain to include the lavender ingredient.


This rich essential oil is a common ingredient in the fragrances labeled feminine or romantic. Jasmine has a very distinct and heavy smell and should be used in moderation to avoid being overpowering. Light and fresh perfumes for the spring and summer often include this essential oil.


Sandalwood is sourced from trees primarily in India. It is over harvested which makes it one of the more expensive oils and likely to feature in the high-end or designer fragrances. Sandalwood oil is warm and woody and common in fragrances intended for men and women.


Lemongrass is quite similar to bergamot oil. They are both intended for perfumes labeled invigorating or energizing. This essential oil is common in the Middle Eastern and Asian fragrances.


Rose oil is a key element in fragrance products that aim to promote balance and relaxation. This oil is difficult to source and more valuable than many of the alternative oils in the market. For this reason, the oil is often individually named on the perfume bottle. A more cost-effective option is rose-water. This may feature in the perfumes at the lower end of the market.

Common Stabilizers and Perfume Bases

Ethyl Alcohol

A large percentage of the perfumes in the market include a base of ethyl alcohol (also called pure alcohol or ethanol). The base compound is known for its ability to vaporize quickly. It is highly effective at holding the perfume compound and can easily dissolve into the skin. Also, there is an organic alternative known as denatured alcohol.


The Coumarin ingredient is added to perfume to help increase the strength and quality of the aroma. Coumarin is naturally sourced from certain beans, sweet grass and cassia bark. It is also synthetically produced. This chemical has a light sweet aroma that helps with boosting the scent profile of the compounds, especially those with a musk and spice smell.

Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl benzoate (also called benzyl alcohol or benzoic acid) is a common stabilizer or fixative in a long list of perfumes. It is naturally sourced from many species of plants. Once the compound is added to the perfumes ingredient, it can help to increase the level of stability. Benzyl benzoate is highly effective at retaining the scent profile and will ensure the fragrance stays the same for many years.


The phthalates compound (also known as diethyl phthalate) is another of the stabilizers used in perfume. This is a very common element in perfume and is likely to feature in about 65% of the fragrances in the market. It functions similar to benzyl benzoate and helps to preserve the aroma profile of the perfume.

Save Money on Summer Clothes

Avoid credit cards. Yes, that means you would have to carry and handle cash. I know that may sound like a daunting thing to do; but this would allow you to stay within your budget. Plan how much you are willing to spend before you hit the mall. Take the exact amount that you want to spend on your clothes and head home when your wallet is empty. Do not visit the ATM while shopping!

Make a list. Some planning never hurt anyone, right? In fact, it can go a long way in helping you get only what you need instead of spending on things you’d probably never get a chance to wear. Before going to the mall, go through your closet and list down the things that absolutely have to be replaced this season. Then when you hit the mall, you would know exactly what to look for and buy.

Look for good bargains. During summers, many stores offer discounts to increase their sales. It is a good idea to wait for such bargains to save money. These days, there are many online stores that offer unbelievable deals if you buy from them online. Look for such deals but don’t get warped in the world of online shopping. Decide how much you want to spend and then start your online shopping.

Shop in advance. Usually stores offer out-of-season clothing at amazing discounts. Granted, you don’t get much variety but even if you find just one item at a 70% – 80% discount, think of how much you will save.

Shop smartly. You don’t have to have extraordinary fashion sense to shop sensibly. All you need to know is how to mix and match colors and clothing items. Buy pants or skirts that would look great with more than 2 or 3 of your tops and vice versa. This way you can change your look without spending money on whole outfits.

Picture yourself wearing the outfit. How many items are there in your closet that you have never worn? Remember, this time don’t buy anything just because it looks “cute” in the store. Only buy an item if you can picture yourself wearing it; otherwise just skip it!

Don’t trust all advertisements. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been a victim of false advertising many times. Don’t make the same mistake. Just because something is on “sale” doesn’t mean you should immediately buy it. Check the fabric quality, cut and stitching to assess if the product if worth the money you are paying for it. Only buy it if it seems to provide good value for money.

Buy accessories. If your last summer’s clothes are still in very good shape, you can skip on buying clothing this season and only spend on accessories. Get some nice jewelry that can go with most of your clothes. You can also embellish last summer’s plain t-shirts or shirts with beads and sequins for a completely new look. Think of how much you can save just by being a little creative.

Ingredients for Springtime Perfumes

Floral – The light floral fragrances help to characterize the freshness and growth of the new season. A strong and intense fragrance is possible with the notes based on jasmine and cherry blossom. While the rose and lavender scents are perfect for those searching the more understated fragrance.

Citrus – Citrus based perfumes are appreciated for their ability to offer a clean and crisp scent. A fragrance with orange or lemon is certain to offer a very appealing choice for springtime. A fragrance with a light spice can include those with a mint top note. Also, the fragrances that include an ingredient like aniseed are great for spring wear.

Oriental – Certain oriental fragrances are too warm for springtime, so it helps to choose carefully when considering the Orientals. Perfumes with top notes of light musk, sandalwood and orchid are practical options for wearing in the evening. Try to avoid the strong ingredients like amber since they can be too heavy for spring.

Wood – A wood-based perfume for springtime should include the lighter options, such as rosewood and sandalwood. Alternative woody scents like juniper, fir and pine are more appropriate for the cooler months of the year.

Spice – There is a variety of spice-based fragrance for wearing in the spring. The preferred spicy fragrances for the spring include those with the lighter spices, such as bay leaves and mints. Other spice inspired perfumes include nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon, but these are more relevant to the wintertime.

Musk – A perfume with a light musk scent is perfect for the evenings in the spring. A white musk based perfume is the most practical option for spring wear. Alternative options include dark musk. These aren’t generally a good idea for springtime since the fragrance is usually too strong.