Eye-Conic Men

Elvis Presley

He is still the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll and when it comes to his eyewear style, nobody can beat him there. Often seen sporting the classic Aviators, men still look up to him, even today, for the style and panache. From movies to real life, we have seen men trying to copy his style, mainly his eyewear and moves, but failing to be even half as good as him.

John Lennon

The star, who was famous for his solo songs as much as he was for being a member of ‘The Beatles’, sported the famous T-shades. It became an instant hit at that time and is a rage even now with his fans across the globe.

Michael Jackson

Regarded as the ‘King of Pop’, he was hardly seen in public without his signature Wayfarers. They not only added style and charm to his dynamic personality but also made him a trendsetter in eyewear styles. He was also spotted several times wearing dark Aviators in his music videos like ‘Beat It’, ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’, ‘Dangerous’ and many more, which increased his fan base all over the world.

Elton John

The ‘Candle in The Wind’ singer inspired a style that was flamboyant, individualistic and contemporary. The flamboyance reflected not only in his music but also in his fashion sense. His love for the colourful and quirky frames is well known to his fans.

Kurt Cobain

There is probably no other music figure in the history who established an entire subculture like the way that Kurt Cobain did. The talented frontman of Nirvana was known for wearing quirky Lolita sunglasses which added to his grunge look.

Roy Orbison

He is well known for his love songs, the most famous among them is ‘Stand By Me’, which is still a major hit with the present generation. He was mostly seen sporting black Wayfarers which added to his classic look.