I Have Found a Summer Job

In fact this is a really great job for a 16 year old boy, because even in the summer they do not let me work this many hours and I certainly would not like it when they took the taxes out of the check. This guy is really rich and he is really smart about money. He started to talk about bitcoin when I met him, apparently he does this as a hobby instead of gambling. He said it that way and taught me how to use the bitcoin trader official app. I tried really hard to learn about it, although it is the sort of thing you would need a lot more if your money was not tied up in day to day expenses. At any rate the job he gave me involves his mother, who has gotten so old that it is hard for her to drive and do things without help. As best is possible I am not supposed to make it seem as though I am doing what I am doing.

The woman absolutely hates the entire concept of need help and none of her children seem to have believed that I would be able to make it longer than a few days. She did curse me out a couple of times, but I smiled and took it. In fact I wanted to laugh, but it seemed to me that this would have been a really bad idea. I drove her every place she needed to go, the entire time she told me how poorly I was driving. It was rather annoying, but I was really happy with the amount of money I was making and in particular the amount that was going into my pocket. I am going to be happy if I can make it all summer.