Matching the Perfume Scent

Personal preference – Consider personal preferences in the search for the right perfume. For those that prefer a smell associated with flowers, a floral based perfume like jasmine, roses, or gardenia is certain to appeal. Some of the heavy-scented fragrances can be quite off-putting; especially those can leave you with a headache. A more fresh and light smell comes from the fruity tones. These fresh perfumes include notes related to watermelon, berries, apple, mint and citrus. Also, a spicy scent is certain to appeal to those searching a calming effort.

Skin type – Skin type can have a significant impact on the fragrant quality and smell of the perfume. It helps to test the various perfumes to see which one can offer the desired scent and longevity. A skin type that is quite oily can hold the fragrance a lot longer than the relatively dry skin. But it is possible to prolong the effects of perfume on dry skin. This is achieved by applying a base layer like a matching lotion or similar non-scented moisturizer. Apply the perfume to the dry lotion and it should last longer.

Body acidity – The level of body acidity throughout the body can vary. This can influence the way the body reacts to perfume. The body has a higher level of well-being and health when the pH range is kept within the region of 7.35 to 7.45. Many home test kits are available to check the body acidity. One of the effective ways to maintain the body’s pH levels is through a well-planned diet.

Also, certain foods like garlic and onion can impact the body chemistry and can change the smell of the fragrance. Strong smells like garlic can escape through the skins pores. This can smell quite unpleasant when mixed with perfume.