Mens Designer Clothing

It is never easy when the seasons begin to change but eventually we have no choice but to start dressing a bit more sensibly but does it always have to be boring? When thinking of autumn fashion, many immediately think of thick materials, one too many layers and of course those tedious shades of brown but today’s autumn fashion options are far from what is expected.

From big named designers to high street labels; the past few years have witnessed a tremendous revamp for mens fashion and autumn fashion in particular has never looked so stylish. From classic yet sensationally designed macs to chunky cardigans and crew neck jumpers to beautifully designed suede boots; there is an endless option of autumn fashion on offer.

Despite copious amounts of the latest autumn styles hitting both the high street and mens designer clothing shops, everyone from the fashion conscious bloke to the unconcerned, ‘just go with it’ kind of guy, knowing what to do and what not to do can always be a little overwhelming.

This autumn however, why not avoid any disasters and ensure you look as good as you did in the summer with some of my top, tried and tested tips…

  • Know What Works – Slim Slack, old designs, and big statement scarves are just a few of the items that are set to be huge this autumn but just because they are this seasons must haves won’t necessarily make them a must have for you. Catwalk fashion is always a lot different in the real world so don’t just pick items because you think you should. Instead go for what is suited to your personality, your body shape and what will cement your style. It is always great to keep up to date with the latest trends but fashion is all about individualism so make your wardrobe choices unique to you.
  • Push Boundaries – Autumn fashion generally connotes imagines of jumpers that your granddad would probably wear and every shade of brown, grey and beige that you could think off. Believe it or not, fashion stopped being that boring a long time ago so be brave and embrace the different styles and shades that are dominating this season. From linear designs to floral prints to maroons and oranges; don’t be afraid to take a chance and break away from those tedious styles.
  • Take Care – The summer is always the season in which we have the most energy but don’t let it completely deplete when the autumn arrives. We all know its hard going to extra mile in the cold but if you want to stay looking good at all times then it is essential to put in the effort. Take care of yourself on the inside by eating healthily and exercising and take care in the outside with constant grooming. A lot of blokes have a tendency to just let themselves go but if you want to maintain the style sparkle that you had in the summer then you’re going to have to try a little harder.