Get A Custom Made Shirt

Find an experienced designer

A reputable tailor is recommended highly. To find one, a proper search is a good idea – ask your friends and colleagues. Visit a few of the recommendations and ask to see some of the works they have done. A good designer will in fact help you find a design and color that caters for your sense of style, including your physique, comfort, proportions and bone structure.

Choose a fabric

The quality of the fabric should take into consideration the thread count. Ideally, cotton has 140 threads per inch, while other high end fabrics recommended for shirts have 200 threads. The finer dress shirts are often made from 2 ply fabric, which make the clothing stronger, softer and resistant to wrinkles.

Determine the occasion

Before buying a custom made garment, it is important to decide where you need to wear it. If you are interested in a shirt to wear for a formal occasion, it should be tailored in luxurious fabric and in neutral color. A shirt that needs to be worn to a business meeting should be one that offers a good impression about you. A shirt to wear to a bar or restaurant in the evening should have a trendier pattern, in addition to having a slimmer fit.

Get measured

A good tailor will be able to get the measurements of various parts of your body, including your collar, half shoulder, shoulders, chest, sleeves, hip, waist and length. The right measurements go a long way in ensuring the shirt fits right.


Paying attention to the details is paramount. The evidence of good craftsmanship can be determined by the quality of the fabric, the cut, stitching and buttons. Pearl buttons and plastic buttons are common in suits. The stitching on custom-made shirts is often hand sewn, making them more durable.